Course Successfully presenting your project in English

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Access time

e-learning & visio

Duration and format

5 modules of 3h in blended learning

Intended audience

All those brought to make presentations in English.


600,00  HT (720,00  TTC)

Course : Successfully presenting your project in English

You want to speak in English during presentations or simply in a meeting?
You lack fluidity and impact?
Want to speak with more confidence?
This training will give you all the techniques to make the difference orally and convince your interlocutors, whatever your level of English.

600,00  HT (720,00  TTC)

Traning course summary : Professional English

Programme and table of contents of the training course - Successfully presenting your project in English

Section 1 – Introduction

  • Lesson 1 – What makes a good presentation?
    Lesson 2 – What to do first
    Lesson 3 – Define Your Message
    Lesson 4 – Structure Your Presentation
    Lesson 5 – Captivate Your Audience
    Section 1 Quiz

Section 2 – Key phrases for your speech

  • Lesson 1 – Key Phrases to Use in Your Presentation
    Lesson 2 – Practice: Make Your Own TED Speech
    Quiz in Section 2

Section 3 – Voice, Tone and Body Language

  • Lesson 1 – Use Your Voice: Clear Pronunciation
    Lesson 2 – Create a Tone in English
    Lesson 3 – Pause for Impact
    Lesson 4 – Online and Offline Body Language
    Quiz in Section 3

Section 4 – Stress Management

  • Lesson 1 – Managing Stress
    Lesson 2 – What to do when you can’t find your words
    Lesson 3 – Managing Questions
    Lesson 4 – Create Great Slides
    Section 4 Quiz

Section 5 – Final Presentation

  • Lesson 1 – Final Presentation

Details about training “Successfully presenting your project in English”

This professional English training will allow you to:

  • Define your message and make it memorable
  • Capture and retain public attention
  • Use voice techniques for clear pronunciation
  • Use key phrases to guide your audience
  • Optimize presentation media by relying on neuroscience
  • Manage your stress
  • Managing questions and fear of not understanding
  • Learn to present yourself in English for an interview, meeting or other
  • Present your professional project in English

Teaching method:

Teaching method used:

☑ Video courses
☑ Practical work

To access the training, you will need:

☑ Internet connection
☑ Email address
☑ PC to work remotely/ at home
☑ Headphones or headphones
☑ His

This English training: Successfully presenting your project in English aims to give you all the techniques to make the difference orally and convince your interlocutors, regardless of your level of English.

At the end of this training each learner will be able to:

  • Gain confidence
  • Capture the public’s attention and make an impression
  • Convince with your voice and body language
  • Structure your presentation and gain clarity
  • Successfully present a professional project in English
This training requires a B1 level in English.


At the beginning: Assessment questionnaire at the start of training

During the course: Knowledge activation quiz

At the end of the course: Final assessment quiz with case study

Delivery of a training certificate and a certificate of success if the training is successful.
If you have any difficulties or are disabled, please contact:

Trainer’s profile presentation


Professional English trainer

Holder of a master’s degree in linguistics, TESOL diploma and certified Neurolanguage Coach®, trainer in intercultural communication and Fierce Trainer, Catherine Aygen is passionate about the neurosciences and psychology of language learning and intercultural communication, as well as entrepreneurship. After leaving her home country, England, she spent 7 years working for the British Council in Japan and Singapore. At the same time, she ran her own e-commerce business.

Arrived in Paris, she worked with executives of companies and taught in several grandes écoles (ENSCP, ECE, ESCE, Ecole de Guerre, etc.). Now based in Grasse for 8 years, she works with companies and professionals wishing to improve their speaking in English.

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